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Atari teasing gamers with a new home console

ataribox wood sized

20 years on and Atari the makers of one of the first home consoles to hit the selfs ,will be back in the video game market .The console titled Ataribox has only been teased at E3 and the company is being quite vague at moment. The information i have gathered so far is that its clearly inspired by the classic wood effect found on the Atari 2600, which features ribbed … Read More →

Mini Nintendo HD Snes Console is Coming our way

min snes banner

With the Success of the Mini NES that launched last autumn Nintendo are at it again. With a new micro Super Nintendo. Although the Mini NES was well-reviewed by customers , there were some criticisms that i had. The main reason being you had to be lucky to actually get you hands on one as the demand was quite high . This was due to Nintendo holding back on Manufacturing … Read More →

Sega Forever finally shines it light and releases to all

Fullscreen capture 21062017 145630

A few days back,  i noticed certain you tube users channels and gamers on twitter had a limited run of cassette tapes arrived to them  from SEGA themselves Titled Sega Forever, with multiple tracks from the classic collection. We will see Sega releasing a load of its classic games onto mobile platforms – iOS and Android – with new games coming every month. the first five to be released to us: … Read More →

AtGames release new HD Sega Genesis 2017


AtGames are the company that is behind the console and has had a licence agreement with SEGA for many years .There previous adaptation to the mega drive ( Genesis ) have not been taken well with fans from its history of bad sound qauilty , minor bugs certain, poor infored reciver for the controllers and its un responsive D – pad built controls ,compatibility with titles and no compatibility with … Read More →

What to suspect from the up and coming OG On Xbox X and S

xbox x xbox og compat

During Microsoft E3 2017 Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft announced, That  backwards compatibility  for the original Xbox games will be heading for the upcoming Xbox One X. As stated by himself “OG ( meaning original xbox ) games will look better and play better across the Xbox One family,” Spencer promised, name-checking a personal favorite in the process, Crimson Skies. This was hinted as far back as 2015 that backward … Read More →

Unholy Knight a New Snes game Coming 2017


First new SNES 2D Fighting Game in decades Developed by ex-SNK staffers 4 Game Modes: Story, Versus, Survival, and Practice 32MB Memory Support 1 – 2 Players Unholy Night is a brand new 2D one-on-one fighting game for the Super Nintendo that was officially announced to us in late 2016. The game caused quite a stir once it was revealed, not only because of the format on which it was … Read More →

Cult Classic Night Trap now getting a PS4 re-release

night trap ps4 limited run

Welcome to Night Trap the cult classic game for being infamously bad. This  full-motion video game was released back in 1992 for SEGA CD . Night Trap was ultimately later ported to a wide range platforms that brought with it an impact to the gaming industry . By holding one of the first mayor controversy over the game’s violent and “sexual” content . This then led to Sega temporarily pulling … Read More →

Right Sprite’s Retro Reminiscence of Phantasy Star Online

phantasy-star.jpg banner

Introduction Released: JP December 21, 2000 NA January 29, 2001 EU February 23, 2001 Platforms : Dreamcast , GameCube , Xbox and PC   If you haven’t heard of the Phantasy Star series it is basically Sega’s  answer to a role playing series game that kicked off on the master system back in 1987, being a direct competitor to the Nintendo’s dragon quest and the final fantasy series . It span off with … Read More →