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Right Sprite’s Retro Reminiscence of Phantasy Star Online


  • Released:
  • JP December 21, 2000
  • NA January 29, 2001
  • EU February 23, 2001
  • Platforms : Dreamcast , GameCube , Xbox and PC


If you haven’t heard of the Phantasy Star series it is basically Sega’s  answer to a role playing series game that kicked off on the master system back in 1987, being a direct competitor to the Nintendo’s dragon quest and the final fantasy series . It span off with multiple sequels and is now available on a wide range on consoles. With the release of the Dreamcast being the first home console to come with a modem ,it open up online gaming to consoles market . PSO Being a first kind of genre to hit the the console gamers , it truly was revolutionary for the gaming industry .

My experiences

At the same time of owning Dreamcast i did own a PC but i never actually got around to playing any sort online MMORPG  ie :Rune Scape / Ultima online .It never took an interest to me until it was brought to home consoles .
Back then wireless wasn’t accessible . The Dreamcast came with dial up cable with a whooping  56k speed . Which was the same as my PC was back then in those days  . I remember the cable wasn’t long enough to reach my bed room and i would wait until  night time after everyone has gone to bed ,sneak in the living and hook up Dreamcast.

I had a lot of doubts that i would actually get this working as i have never done any of this this before .After plunging in the cable from my Dreamcast to the ntl box (anyone remember them ? ) .I tested the connection first with the Dreamcast key CD that came with the console . Once the browser was working and up to date . I popped the disc in and  fired the game up.


I always remember once the start up intro came in i was memorised with the feeling ,what on earth am i getting into i never played anything like this ever, how does work , this is so different . after selecting the connecting to network mode the connection dialling screen came up and my fingers were crossed and i was thinking did i do everything right …….. and a minute later or 15  connecting up and hoping it as working correctly it was such a ridicules build up .Then Boom!  Connection was made and I’ve finally entered this new realm of gaming .Being very excited about it i wanted shout out Yeahhh Boi! but at that time of hour i had to keep it under control until the next day that is and just burst out telling  my buddy in collage.

For a gamer this personally was has one of my  most highlighted experience of playing video game. Sharing the experience with people online together was pretty dam fun.After gaming for a few weeks in short spells . I was oblivious to how they would charged you to playing online games as any previous experiences of online gaming i had  were on the PC with no charge at all so i didn’t think much of it. Trying to hide the fact , I was playing a game from my parents as i was using their TV and having cable run the living room was just a no go .Though my game play at that time was very limited it did help make each minute further enjoyable.

My experience was short lived  as i got sloppy and upgraded to a 30ft cable running from the living to my bedrooom. This went towards them finding out by asking why the hell is there a phone cable running throughout the garage ,hall way and living room . Oh and do you know anything about this £45  phone bill for online services . I was cought out big time .

Looking back, that was a a pretty high bill to play a game event for today times  . But me and  my collage buddy did have a couple of evenings hooking up two Dreamcast’s to a dial up splitter . Thanks to schtserv DC players can still grab the chance and experience online game play at no cost also using the right equipment that is. Which gave me the chance and a lot of fellow gamers to finally take  down the boss and enjoy the gameplay and experience further more .

Check out for further details of connection for Dreamcast , Game Cube and PC.

One year later from the original the game got quite hacked and buggy so Sonic Team released Ver 2 to address theses issues.

Phantasy Star Online Ver 2

  • JP Jume 7 2001
  • NA September 24 2001
  • EU March 2002

This provides :New features and overall improved game play balance . A extra’s available were a battle mode allowing other members to battle one another, a new difficulty titled “Ultimate Mode”, a new soccer game within the lobby, and allowing Players to reach a maximum level of 200.

Comment below and tell us about your experience or even if your looking to set up in 2017.

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