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Sega to launch their own line of laptops.


New Hardware By SEGA

Well this is not quite what I wished for when Sega announced that it would be making new Hardware, but for the mean time I guess this could be the start of something more from one of the best loved names in gaming.

These bad-ass retro designs are well thought out and can be seen as a way of showing off your fanmanship!They run Windows 8 and are available with specifications ranging from “light” to “standard” and “high-spec” to “premium.” All models come with 15.6-inch, 1080p HD displays and the Premium Class has a pretty powerful Intel Core

sega-laptopsi7 2.4GHz processor and Nvidia GeForce 650M discrete graphics. Each model also comes  with pre-loaded Sega themed wallpapers, icons, and music from various Sega titles. Cool Right ?!?!

If you want one of these bad boys, you’ll need to act quick . Sega are only making 50 units for each of the models and have no such plans to release these outside of Japan. The cost of these Sega laptops will range from 99,750 yen (about £630.) to 194,250 yen (£1227). I’d imagine a few might pop up on eBay and will most likely sell far outside of this price range!

If you’re sold on these laptops then you can attempt to  pre-order a model from Japanese Retailer Ebten

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