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10 Retro Christmas games you didn’t know exist

In the early days of gaming you’ll find most of these titles as demos or exclusive free content when purchasing gaming magazines that were issued around the same time of the festive holidays.I felt like scraping at the bottom of the pile here.But i managed to dig some up. This list will not feature games that have themes or dlc patches but had physical releases. Feel free to add you own personal favourite festive games in the comment box below.

10 : Special Delivery: Santa’s Christmas Chaos


Released in 1984, this 8-bit game Santa unprepared to do his job properly. It turns out, Santa has overslept and has a mere five hours to deliver presents all over the world.It up to you to help get the job done. This Title may be the first Christmas themed game released.

9 : Frosty’s Busy Night

Released in 1990 the Commodore 64 brought Frosty back to the North Pole simply to be an errand boy. As Frosty, players must make their way to the cave of the elves and bring presents back to Santa, avoiding obstacles along the way which have the power to reduce Frosty to a warm puddle.

8 :Santa Claus Saves the Earth 


Released 2002 .The game starts on Christmas eve  and Santa prepares for a long night of delivering all the presents. However, a wicked fairy named Nilam has other plans and transports him to a magical land, holding him there against his will.

7 : Frosty The Snowman 2 (Commodore 64)

This is a game inspired by the first ‘Frosty The Snowman’ game, distributed with Your Commodore magazine in 1990. Frosty the Snowman 2 is a split screen race/platform game for two players. The aim is to run to the right, through the screens which increase in difficulty as you go along.

6 : Fire & Ice Christmas Special (Amiga)

This game was actually a freebie given away on the cover of Amiga Power magazine in December 1992, Fire & Ice Christmas Special is a short, one-level, demo of the main game. You take control of Cool Coyote once more, only this time donned in a Santa hat and a funky fake beard.

5 : Santa Claus Junior


Release in 2002 on the Game boy advanced. Santa Jr find out the Presents have been stolen from Santa on Christmas eve . As Jr you and the helping hand of a fairy you embark on a secret mission in uncharted parts on of the North pole to collect the missing prezzies. Surprising this is a well made plat former, with its decent graphics pretty good music and enjoyable game play its perhaps is one of the favourable titles .

4 : Gremlins Stripe Vs Gizmo


A Warner bros game released in 2002 on the Gameboy Advanced .Mogwai has to prevent Stripe from ruining Christmas for Kingston Falls by retrieving all the presents that Stripe has stolen . If you mange to get over the crazy  shaking camera and awkward camera angles , Then its can be worth the play , some fun looking character  animation but all in all not one of the best Christmas games about .

3 : Holiday Lemmings (Amiga / PC)

Lemmings is was a very popular suicidal rodent puzzler  released in 1993 .that tasks you with getting the direction ally challenged critters to the exit door.Christmas Lemmings started off as two free demos given away on magazine cover disks in 1991 and became a full retail game in 1994.

2 : Daze Before Christmas

A Norwigen built game released in 1994 for the Super Nintendo and Sega Megadrive (Pal only) The game is one of the few Christmas-themed video games to see a commercial release. Santa Claus races to save Christmas from an evil snowman who has imprisoned Santa’s elves and captured Santa’s reindeer. A very well made platform game with solid controls but doesn’t really actually  stand out of the crowd.

1 : Christmas Nights

For the Sega Saturn

Now perhaps this is only a demo game featuring just a couple of levels. It still backs a punch. This title may be one of the games that people have actually heard of .It features its game play from the original Nights into dreams and but now full with a Christmas theme free roaming levels, Full of hidden easter eggs. Just remember to set you Saturn configuration date in December to make sure you get the unique winter themed level designs . Also if the date is set on Christmas day you also get to see Santa floating about doing his thing. There are a lot of bonuses and extras to this game that really ex-stand game play length. Diffidently worth the grab if you can get your hands on it .

I would like to end this post with saying Merry Christmas gamers and thanks for all the support.

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