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Sega Reveals a New Phantasy Star Game


So it has been years since a Phantasy star game came to the UK shores. The last being Phatasy Star Portable 2 back in 2010 for the SONY PSP. Recently there was announcement that a new title is coming to the series. Here is Phantasy Star IDOLA ,Coming to both Andriod and Apple store. check the trailer below ,taken form there official website The settings are based around the world … Read More →

New Return of Double Dragon For the Super Nintendo

retrun of double dragon snes

Coming 8/21/18 from Retroism, The Super Nintendo game library can now include another smashing title with the release of Return of Double Dragon! . This game is the forth game in the series and If you played some of the previous games for the NES and Snes you may have recognise some of the pictures above. This is because over here in the UK and the US we had a … Read More →

Atari VCS New Home Console Update

Atari vcs cblack

After being teased a fair few months back. Atari have now unveiled the features and specification of there up and console The Atari VCS. Here is some key information of the new console by Atari. Games The Console will be bundled with more than 100 all-time classics in their original arcade and/or 2600. Here is a short ad of the Atari Vualt. The only ” New game ” that will … Read More →

NEOGEO Mini Announcement and Updates


Neogeo have now jumped on the mini console band wagon by announcing the NEOGEO Mini . Here is the information that we now so far . The NEOGEO mini will be available in two different designs, one for the Asian market and the other one for overseas markets (North America, South America, Europe and other regions). The Japanese version will have a design in black, white, and red, That being … Read More →

Up and Coming Sega Goods for 2018

Banner mobile friendly new sega

I have been a bit behind with posting up retro news blogs the last few months .So I’ve decided to bundle up and post up some of the latest news by Sega. Now this isn’t all the up and coming releases by Sega .This is what i find interests myself and may also interest you retro gamers out there. If  your haven’t heard already i like to kick off with … Read More →