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daytona banner

Daytona USA has to be one of the most popular arcade systems that ive seen back in the 90’s . If you ever went to such entertaining complexes like, cinemas , bowling allies , pier’s or service station you couldn’t escape the voice of Mitsuyoshi Aniki singing the games title . Even today’s times there are still a few 1994 cabinets around . If you ever lucky enough  Sega also … Read More →

Club SEGA Arcade Gaming In Style

The first arcade game was introduced in  the second world for the soldiers to have fun and pass some time together . After some further development they started hitting the general public in the 1960’s and to hit the world by storm.     Unfortunately for today there is a decline in arcade-style gaming, gaming arcades are still very popular in the city of Tokyo. After the release of games like … Read More →

Welcome On Bored The Tardis Arcade Cabinet

Check it out people .A guy named Simon Jansen .The same guy behind the Star Wars entirely in ASCII animation. This time around he has cleverly  morphed Retro Arcade video games with Dro Who . Ive seen my fair share of M.A.M.E Arcade Cabs , But this one is defiantly on of  the top ive came across .I wont have the balls to take on this craftsmanship . Jansen have kindly enough … Read More →

Darius Widescreen Gaming since ’87

With people now gaming with panorama viewing modes on smartphones and tablets, the classic arcade shooter Darius was at the start of widescreen gaming way back in 1988. The widescreen gaming feature was built within the arcade cabinet, with the manufactures placing screens in the bottom of the cabinet with their visuals reflected into the view of the player via a one-way mirror. The third monitor, which displays the middle … Read More →

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