Retro games at the right price

The Wireless Dreamcast Controller

Yes! its official  guys the beloved SEGA Dreamcast gets a wireless controller That has been Titled : The Dram Conn . This is now at its 2.0 stage of development and as you can see in this tidy video, Reviewed by Tomleecee from Dreamcast Junkyard ( luv that website btw ) .This Something personally  I know and a lot of you DC fans that this piece of equipment will do … Read More →

Rosanna Pansino makes Zelda Triforce Lemon Bars

Here I like to introduce you to Rosanna Pansino .If you already haven’t heard of her already that it . I love seeing  creative products by retro gaming fans. Here on here Channel you will find tasty treats inspired by retro games and for this episode of nerdy nummies she is influenced by Nintendo’s Zelda’s series. Head over and check out some more of  Rosanna Pansino retro gaming inspired treats … Read More →

The Real Resident Evil at Japan Universal Studios

Man! Japan get all the cool stuff. Look just ,look what they gone and done , not only but a real life version of Resident Evil . The whole project has apparently been Under the supervision of Capcom and is set none other then Raccoon city.With zombies looming and the  virus spreading throughout the City the town has been completely turned into a “town of death” with trap and interactive awesomeness . … Read More →

How to play Zombies Ate my Neighbours

Its always nice to see custom made cabinets  and the creator Ressix, built this brill looking Zombies Ate My Neighbours Snes arcade cab stand which can be found in Fargo, North Dakota. With its funky looking creative use of the hands holding the SNES pads it really adds to the Halloween theme he  was after .With a wise choice of retro classic greatness .  This two-player action classic is great all year year round . But … Read More →

Street Fighter Monopoly

One of the best selling in video game History Get its very own special Street Fighter Collector’s Edition of Monopoly. Wheere fans of the series can Buy, sell and trade fighting arenas associated with the most iconic characters over 25 years such as Makoto in the Karate Dojo, Ryu on the Rooftops of Japan and Major Bison in the Shadaloo Headquarters. The Bored Feature customized version is the final 6 collectible … Read More →

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