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Super Boss Gaiden A New SNES-CD Game

super boss gaiden

Not to long ago the retro gaming community was hit with some big news of a prototype Nintendo PlayStation being unearthed and hooked up and found to be still  running and complete with its own bios  .On the 10th of July a team who brought usthe homebrew game Jet Piolet racing released a free to download , Super Boss Gaiden arriving on both a downloadable Super Nintendo ROM and a … Read More →

Ghosts Goblins gets a sequel on the Dreamcast

Good news for fans of the Gouls and Ghost games  ,  In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the release of Ghosts Goblins a fan made project is in the works for a sequel for the Sega Dreamcast titlied Ghost’ N Demons. This news was originally sourced by  a Retrotaku. Short Story introduction Once again play as Sir Arthur, a knight on a quest against evil forces. You must rescue Princess … Read More →

GTA 2 recreated in real life

A bunch of creative  fellers have recreated the classic GTA 2 in real life using a drone technology,  If you’ve ever controlled a drone for five minutes without it plunging to the ground or colliding with something, you’ll understand there are is quite a bit of  skill needed to capture something as cool as this. The creators have added some smart little  touches that players will recognise  from the original … Read More →

Level 257 a Pac Man-themed restaurant is set to open in 2015

Do you ever miss going to arcades and having a couple of cheeky ones ,Well in Chicago America Woodfield Mall Schaumburg. A pac man arcade Bar is opening early next year. Where people can wrack up the old school scores ,  order food and sink a couple of cheeky ones . There currently preparing to open around in line with the gaming icon’s 35th anniversary . The restaurant is named after the … Read More →

Reformation C64 Track Remakes by Matt Gray (Last Ninja 2)

Here we are supporting a Kicker starter of another great project this time Its Matts Greys Reformation C64 Track Remakes by Matt Gray (Last Ninja 2)It’s the last day for us guys to back Matt Gray’s “Reformation” Kickstarter, including the Last Ninja 2 CD.Thanks to multiple stretch goals, backers now get at least four disks: a three CD set of MattGray’s amazing remakes of tunes like “Driller”, “Hunters Moon”, “Quedex” and … Read More →

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