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Sega 2017 big and tasty line up

Sega 2017 tasy releases banner

2017 is shaping up pretty tasty this year for us Sega fans out there. This may just be Sega’s biggest release year since the Sega Dreamcast way back in 1998 and its about time. .If like myself being a SEGA fan boy back in its glory days its always feels good when one of your favourite company is doing well .With Yakuza 0 coming out and Yakuza 1 shortly after it … Read More →

Nintendo’s NES NEW Music Cartridge’s

For the first time in over two decades after the release of the beloved NES . The console will now get a new software cartridge yes that’s right Nes fan boys and girls . But before you go ahead and get your wallets out and start throwing it at  your PC .The product will only be compatible with the Japanese NES console , or a universal cartridge adaptor , if … Read More →

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