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History of Naughty Dog (Retrospective)

Naughty dog logo

It all kicked of back in 1984 when Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin Founded and independent american game company called  Jam Software . They had a big change with employment and re-branded them self with name naughty dog in 1989. In 1991 they made their First Game together titled Ring of power and released for the SEGA mega Drive. Unlike the role playing games that were making it big like … Read More →

Dragon 32/64

In August 1982 The Welsh had a stab at the video game market industry  with the hit , Dragon 32 and Dragon 64 . Theses are home computers that were built  by Dragon Data, Ltd., in Port Talbot, Wales, and for the US market by Tano of New Orleans, Louisiana. CPU: Motorola MC6809E Memory: 32/64KB RAM Video: MC6847 VDG (Video Display Generator) The model numbers reflect the  difference between machines having  32 and 64 KB RAM. An advanced 8-bit CPU … Read More →

Retron 5 All in one Retro System

If you fancy having a all in one system to sit back and grab some  nostalgic value  in old school video games then  RetroN 5 gaming console  may just be for ,created by Hyperkin. This console supports games from all your old favourites system packing in a incredible  10 system support , including  NES, Famicom, SNES, Super Famicom, Genesis, Mega Drive, and even Game Boy models (Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance)!. It’s … Read More →


Considered to be one of the most significant and influential titles in the video game industry, This science fiction horror F.P.S became an instant classic by id Software released in 1993. I first played this game around 18 years ago when I managed to just experience the first chapter before throwing the mouse and key bored and screaming like a little kid that I was . With its hordes of invading demons & … Read More →

90’S Gaming Set up VS Xbox One Console

After getting around to trying out the new release of the Xbox one .I can safely say that i not in no rush to go out and get one myself as of yet. I have been playing gaming consoles since the early 1990’s .I can safely say that the hole setting up the actually unit theses days have vastly changed. To show you the difference in difficulty and time consummation … Read More →

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