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Sega’s HD Mega Drive Mini Revealed

mega drive mini banner

April 14, 2018 Sega fans were teased. In hype of the 30th Anniversary of a mega drive mini is in the works. With some hold backs mostly due to the collaboration with AT games in charge of the hardware. It was later merged with a higher more capable company to delivery a better quality machine much like what SEGA were remembered by. This pushed forwarded the release date. 「メガドライブ」誕生30周年記念! 『メガドライブ … Read More →

UK gets a new Sega online shop

sega shop selection

The UK  has be behind the States for a while now , as they have had their own SEGA online for a while. Now us SEGA fans can save on the P&P and import costs, as we now have our own dedicated web store which a wide range of SEGA-branded official merchandise . When you sign to the news letter you will receive a 15% discount code for your first perchance. … Read More →

Sega Reveals a New Phantasy Star Game

phnasty idola 1

So it has been years since a Phantasy star game came to the UK shores. The last being Phatasy Star Portable 2 back in 2010 for the SONY PSP. Recently there was announcement that a new title is coming to the series. Here is Phantasy Star IDOLA ,Coming to both Andriod and Apple store. check the trailer below ,taken form there official website The settings are based around the world … Read More →

Up and Coming Sega Goods for 2018

shenmue 1 and 2 hd banner

I have been a bit behind with posting up retro news blogs the last few months .So I’ve decided to bundle up and post up some of the latest news by Sega. Now this isn’t all the up and coming releases by Sega .This is what i find interests myself and may also interest you retro gamers out there. If  your haven’t heard already i like to kick off with … Read More →

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