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Dreamcast 2.0 (Pro) Project Recommendation Guide

The Sega dreamcast perhaps being my favourite console I have finally took the jump on purchasing a clone Dreamcast GDEMU. It always felt like a gamble as it is a clone and there is no direct support for this. They have also been quite pricey.

Now the Sega Dreamcast community is really behind The Dreamcast GDEMU in supporting this which is always apricated. This then lead me to really get behind and try to bring out the best for what you currently can do to upgrade the entire console to simulate the experience in what a Dreamcast 2.0 or Pro would be.

I hope you find this helpful if you wish to carry it out yourself ( purchase links and video can also be found here

Through away your Burnt Discs GDEMU SD Card reader is here

Video link Purchase link here

Quieter fan quieter dreams

There are other methods to enquire a compatible fan that may be a cheaper option.

This method is the more simple plug and play

Video link Purchase Link

Dream PSU, Don’t over heat your DC

Here is not totally necessary as there is another mothed by just installing three compositors in the original PSU to prevent over heating after the GDEMU installation.

with a Dream PSU it does help with longevity of the console whilst creating room to add other feature with the console

Video Link Purchase Link

HDMI solution plug and play

There are a few different solitons out there some a lot better then others
This method provides a simply affordable solution that just need a little tinkering.

Video link Purchase link

Make me a Menu with GDEMU Menu Maker

Let make the GD menu the way you want it. Here is a link to necessary files need that is mentioned in the video

Video link Download page

Stretch and fit those games to Widescreen

Now its time to fill your screen with Dreamcast greatness. Learn how to apply widescreen feature on to your Dreamcast games

Video Link

Ditch that cable & Lets get wireless going

As we are still rocking out the tradition controller with that dated cable, Brooks have released us from our troubles with a wireless controller adapter

I’m not done yet!. It has been a fun and a interesting journey , one i have enjoyed very much. If the possibility unfolds later down the road there are
still a few thing that need to be done. But here are my steps so far.

Other methods may suit you to better to simulate the Dreamcast 2 ( Pro ) experience. This is just the path i took.
I hope you enjoyed it.

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