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Give your Dreamcast a new operating system

Dreamshell 4.0 Rc1 By D-C Swat

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DreamShell – Unix-like operating system, designed for the Sega Dreamcast. Based on libraries KallistiOS. Originally an command line interface, with the ability to run their own applications.
Dreamshell 1.0.0 was first released  in 02/02/04
The current lastest version at the is 4.0 RC1
The guys behind Created this are a Russian company called DC Swat.

Dreamshell applications :

File Manager
has two-panel interface, is designed for browsing the file system, including memory VMU, medium GD-ROM and card SD


Allows you to install the operating system directly to BIOS Dreamcast. ( Mod chip unit only )

Region Changer
Lets you change the regional belonging consoles and video output format (PAL / NTSC) without flashing the BIOS.

The Web site is in complete Russian but not to worry Once the Website is translated into English( Using Google translate or bing which ever you use ) It’s  easy to get navigate your self around . Also to mention the actual Dreamshell OS is in complete English.

Dreamcast ,SD Card, OS

Click here to for DC – Swat web link

Here is a Good video tutorial by MoNeYinPHX that have provided a lovely step by step guide for in a two part you tube video


Download Link For Pandus Dis Juggler 

This is the disc burning software needed to to burn the DreamShell OS for the Dreamcast

Windows OS

Where to Buy them ?


A chinesse store are currently selling for 60 ¥ . Works around £15-25 including P&P
if you can get around the translation and payment method you will also the have the wait of delivery that can be between 3 weeks – 2 month


Dc-sd are An american website dedicated to Dreamcast Cables , connectors and repair parts ,
and are currently in  stock



You can always try ebay as they are known to do pop up now and again . Just a work of advice You should make sure there from America or better still the UK due to postage and delivery wait.

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