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Fix-it Felix for The Mega Drive

Fix it Felix , Wreck it Ralf , Arcade , RomFIX IT FELIX JR. MD is a fan made version for SEGA Megadrive/Genesis.That You can play on some  real 80’s hardware!Right Sprite Review:

This game was apparently first seen at an Retro Revival event back in May where players had the chance to play it on a fully sized cabinet replica.After that the Flash game got leaked onto the internet and now some months later the game has been ported for gamers to play on the  Sega Megadrive/Genesis , If it be from a game emulator or the more expensive way on the everdrive. This game is in a Beta stage and was done by Future Driver , here a link to there web page ( helps if you can understand Japanese ).

The player starts with three lives, that features the one level replicating the game seen on the film, I fond the controls of the character a bit to be a sloppy as if the charter was always standing on ice , it not quite as firm as the Sonic or Mario games , but it is still enjoyable, The music is simple and catchy using midi samples just like back in the day . The game is defiantly worth the go . If this had the game play and features  as the classic arcade title Flicky this game would be great title  , much better then that mess they brought for Wii.

Released :                        Platform:

March 31 , 2013               Mega Drive/Genesis
Player:                                1
Backup:                             No
Controler:                        3button pad

felix Download (v0.01b) …beta version download nbutton 
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