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GTA 2 recreated in real life


Smart Drone Exsample

A bunch of creative  fellers have recreated the classic GTA 2 in real life using a drone technology,  If you’ve ever controlled a drone for five minutes without it plunging to the ground or colliding with something,

you’ll understand there are is quite a bit of  skill needed to capture something as cool as this.

The creators have added some smart little  touches that players will recognise  from the original game ,sound efx collectibles and bullet fire  . You will also notice instance of pedestrian carnage, and gangs are out in full force, enjoying impromptu scraps with the local constabulary. All it needs is a good tank. Maybe next time guys.

The only information that I have came across from these guys are that the original you tube tittle is all GTA 2 Реализм!  and that the channel is hosted by the user “Kindness”.
Drones Look so much fun ! don’t think I would risk it personally though  im far to Clumsy.

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