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What if the Nintendo NX was a Game boy Tribute

nintendo game nx tribute 2

What will the new Nintendo NX be like?

This is a question that has been floating about and steering some interest for us gamers and has us all questioning  What will the NX system be like . With the sales not improving for the WII U and with Nintendo lack of interest to boost the home console.

It seems to be quite sure that this system could possible be a merge of the home console featuring in a portable system. My Personal Prediction are that we will find out by Summer 2016 and a release around Christmas time 2016.


It’s ashame as the Wii U is a great home console featuring the some of the best line up of exclusive .But the Failure of the sales ( less then the Sega Dreamcast  ) makes me predict that the NX will be a power house portable system possible featuring a video out ( Wireless stream cast ) on boared memory SD Card support with blue tooth technology for controller connectivity.

Nintdo game boy NX

But of course I could be completely wrong .What your looking at is a sweet design of a prototype portable system created by Florian Renner , who is inspired by the classic console 1989. As you can see from the pictures has incorporated elements of the original design and adapted Current aesthetics and technology . What are aré your guys thoughts ? Would you like the new Nintendo console had a similar design?nintendo game nx tribute

Information soured by Vrutal . A great dedicated gaming site ( Spanish)

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