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Close up look at The Japanese Treasure Box Edition of Hyrule Warriors

Japanese Treasure Box Edition of Hyrule WarriorsWith Release date coming closer and closer for Hyrule Warriors ( Zelda Musō in Jap). They have now decided to give us Zelda fans the ultimate in teasing and have posted up a few cheeky pictures of the Japanese only release of the treasure box edition.




Yes this will fetch a pretty bunch of pennyies and destroy my bank account but come on this is just insane the amount of awesome you get with this .One exception though I find is with all this gear is that it seems like they are covering up and to help persuade us  that it is a original Zelda game ,when this game is made by Team ninja (makers of D.O.A )and  Omega Force ( makers of Dynasty Warriors ) I think that those companies are great and with out doubt they will a bang up job in this title . But this being the first zelda game not created souly on Nintendo and being a differnt stlye of genre gameplay. I can come across that the fact that it has all this to come with is it main exscuse of purchancing . any way ive rambled on .

What do you think about this relase and would import to get this bundle or wil the game be  all you need . Comment below .


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