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Level 257 a Pac Man-themed restaurant is set to open in 2015


Do you ever miss going to arcades and having a couple of cheeky ones ,Well in Chicago America Woodfield Mall Schaumburg. A pac man arcade Bar is opening early next year. Where people can wrack up the old school scores ,  order food and sink a couple of cheeky ones . There currently preparing to open around in line with the gaming icon’s 35th anniversary .

The restaurant is named after the fact that the game has 256 levels and this restaurant is hypothetically the next level after .This country club  has a whopping 40,000 square foot venue, 180-seat restaurant high end bars, lounges and fire pits,  but there will be plenty of other gaming options, including ,16 bowling lanes, board games and a “game parlor” that will be filled with both classic and new-school game machines.

Video soursed form WiiFolderJosh

This is a 3d rendering of what the restaurant will become at the end of development

Level 257 seeks to explore Pac-Man’s impact upon our society and pop culture, reminding us all of the importance of the plays in our lives, while facilitating our desire to relive those times when beating the next level was the most important thing in our world,” reads a line from the restaurant’s description on tumblr. “All while indulging that which we love now great food and drink with our friends and family. A truly unique dining, entertainment & social experience.

I know this is a just a hell of a tease for us UK gamers , but  if you every need a excuse to visit the US then this will be that push . Hopefully  The UK may jump on this band wagon , fingers crossed.

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