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New VMU Games in the Works

Its time to stock up on some  CR2032 3V Batteries ( Pound Land is the best for that ) . As I recently found out that the beloved VMU has some new games in the works. Time to time I have a bit of a gander on the coffee snapping , food capturing Intagram , but vary rarely a little gem pops up .
Star Wars The force Awakens :

VmuScreen Shot 2016-03-08 at 20.15.26



The intagram user by the name of  guacasaurus_mex has been doing some interesting work on some groovy looking new games . Any excuse to whip out the Dreamcast is all good for me .

Manic monkeys:

VMU Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 20.15.59

And yes Dead Pool :

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 20.32.39

Looking Forward ? To keep up  dat on his projects give the guy a follow . Here is a direct link  guacasaurus_mex

Update ! 28/03/16

flappy bird on vmu

Good news we have been giving an update  on the progress of these VMU games and guacasaurus_mex has been working away and just giving us the smart phone classic  Flappy Bird !. True story  the game that made a million Phone users almost brake there phones due to rage quits , is now available for our little battery-sucking pal.

Flappy bird on Sega Dreamcast VMU


Link: Down load here

To get this sucker on the vmu , You’ll need Dreamshell ( FREE, have a google) and an SD reader to get this onto your memory unit, and the VMU Tool files.

VMU Lives on !

July update from guacasaurus_mex brings you two more titals

Magic 8 Ball

and Street Race

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