Miyoo Mini V2 ( Pre order Blue ver )


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Processor: ARM Cortex A7 dual core 1.2GHz
Case: Crystal clear 2.8” IPS display 640×480 resolution
RAM: 128MB
Storage: 32GB storage – Up to 128GB Micro SD card
Battery: 1900mAh rechargeable battery,
4-5 hours based on usage

  • x1 official carrying case included
  • x1 Micro SD to USB

RetroArch supporting over a dozen retro games consoles.

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Available on back-order

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The Miyoo Mini V2 retro games console is the perfect handheld for those on the go thanks to its small form factor. Measuring just 9.33 x 6.5 x 1.8 cm and weighing 110 grams, it features a crystal clear 2.8-inch IPS display at 640×480 resolution that looks amazing.

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The Miyoo Mini V2 has a powerful ARM Cortex A7 dual core processor which runs up to 1.2GHz. It is very capable of playing your favourite 8 and 16bit retro games. There is 128MB RAM which is enough for the operating system and the compatible video games consoles it supports. In terms of storage there is 32GB storage via Micro SD Card, or you can add your own for larger storage. It is powered by a 1900mAh rechargeable battery offering 4-5 hours battery life depending on usage.

On the front of the Miyoo Mini v2 handheld retro games console is a classic style D-Pad which is responsive offering pixel perfect precision. There are four gaming buttons and SELECT and START buttons. On the back you can find Left and Right Shoulder and Trigger buttons for games that require it. On the bottom is a 3.55 headphone port, Micro SD Card slot and USB Type-C charging port. On the side is a volume button and the top has the power button.

The operating system is powered by RetroArch and uses a custom frontend to navigate your games library on the Micro SD Card. The MYOO Mini v2 supports a number of classic video games console and arcade including Mega Drive / Genesis, Master System, Game Gear, PC Engine, Wonder Swan Mono and Color, PlayStation 1, CPS-I, CPS-II, CPS-III, and Arcade with Final Burn Alpha. With the RetroArch system you can save your game at any time and resume it exactly where you left off.

The Miyoo Mini v2 retro gaming console is ideal who desire a very portable retro handheld that is light and extremely portable in that it can easily fit inside a jacket pocket. Despite its small size, it has a powerful processor and excellent battery life which will last a daily commute or longer distance travel.


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