Revo K101 Plus ( preorder)


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  •  – Revo K101 Plus Famicom handheld
  •  – Mini USB CableTV Out Cable
  •  – 8GB memory card preinstalled with Homebrew Games
  •  – GBA Cartridge adapter for the memory card
  •  – 2 Display protector foils
  •  – Screwdriver (to open the battery compartment)

Out of stock

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As the fist batch was Success. Now this item is on preorder for the batch to be scheduled

This is a preorder ohe Revo K101 Plus is a GameBoy Advance-Hardware Clone which plays original GameBoy Advance cartridges.
Thanks to an included RTC you can also play titles like Pokémon.
The games run without any issues and fullspeed (it’s NOT an emulator!)

Included on the card are some homebrew games, so even without any GBA game, you can play right away!

Additionally, you can load backupped ROMs off a MicroSD Card.
(To read them out legally, you can use the Retrode2 and the appropriate plugin).
It also got a replaceable Battery.

It also has a built-in emulator for GB, GBC, SGB, SMS, GG, NES and PCE.
GB(C) run almost perfect (some sound effects are off), NES runs well but has a bit scratchy sound, SMS and GG run a bit too slow and PCE too slow.

The main purpose clearly is running GBA Games

Thanks to the TV Out function, you can also play the games on the big screen!
The device also has the original Link-Port included – fully compatible with the GameBoy Advance – which allows you to play multiplayer games – even some of the emulators support that!

It’s an ideal device for GameBoy Advance Fans!


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