SNES/N64 (RGB Modded )/GC HDMI Solution Preorder

£39.99 £32.99

Good Quality HDMI cable for your SNES/N64/GC

  • Affordable
  • Very good quality
  • No expensive converter Box
  • No up scalier needed
  • Simple plug and play
  • Mutli Console use
  • No import Cost’s
  • Works only with RGB Modded N64

Please read description and watch the video before perchance

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I’ve recently been in contact with the supplier ( Level Hike ) and made a full review video of this cable ,

New stock has been place and will arrive in 1 week to 10 days max, here you can preorder and your item will be sent on arrival.

The first 5 orders will include free delivery for your patience and understanding. This is the most affordable HDMI solution for your Super Nintendo with good results as you will see in the video.  Any question regarding your perchance please don’t hesitate to ask i will respond as quickly as possible. Together we can provide quality cables affordably here in the UK and Europe . Free delivery only applies to the first 10 perchance from the main Land UK .

For further information on level hike here is a link to there facebook :

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