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The Real Resident Evil at Japan Universal Studios

Man! Japan get all the cool stuff. Look just ,look what they gone and done , not only but a real life version of Resident Evil . The whole project has apparently been Under the supervision of Capcom and is set none other then Raccoon city.With zombies looming and the  virus spreading throughout the City the town has been completely turned into a “town of death” with trap and interactive awesomeness . There will be at set number of about 100 people per experience all equipped with fancy Resi styled Nurf guns . It will all kick off with a infectious opening ceremony .That is available at Universal Studios of Japan , the US may get a shot of their own but the EU is very unlikely, which sucks! mega.

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Yes they even got resident themed drinks and meals .18ub0ujjd5ezqjpg 18ub03oqbs1phjpg 18ub04s6xni2bjpg

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