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Redux Dark Matter Confirm Dreamcast Release December 2013

redux Darkmatters  redux Darkmatters

The Inde Game Company Hucast’s finally revile the Dreamcast game Redux: Dark Matters finally has a release date! The side-scrolling shoot-em-up launches on December 3rd.

The regular edition can be pre-ordered from the Hucast store for €32.95 ( £27.47). Click here to be taken to the shop listing.

The game Featues Highres visuals Shmups Shooting adventure Developed by René Hellwig from NG:DEV.TEAM (GunLord, Fast Striker, Last Hope and DUX) and programmed by KTX Software Development.

Game Features:

Superb Arcade Style Game Graphics
7 Stages with Huge Boss Enemies
Tons of Weapons
Two player ships to choose from with different Weapons
Normal and Veteran Difficulty
Instant Respawn
Arcade Gameplay and Addictive Scoring System
Awesome Soundtrack Composed by Andre Neumann

Accessories (Dreamcast™):

• Original pad
• Arcade stick

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