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Reformation C64 Track Remakes by Matt Gray (Last Ninja 2)

Here we are supporting a Kicker starter of another great project this time Its Matts Greys Reformation C64 Track Remakes by Matt Gray (Last Ninja 2)It’s the last day for us guys to back Matt Gray’s “Reformation” Kickstarter, including the Last Ninja 2 CD.Thanks to multiple stretch goals, backers now get at least four disks: a three CD set of MattGray’s amazing remakes of tunes like “Driller”, “Hunters Moon”, “Quedex” and the most popular tunes from “Last Ninja 2”, in addition to the optional “Last Ninja 2” complete soundtrack remake CD. Backers also get digital downloads for remakes by Matt of Sanxion, Green Beret Loader and “Mystery Hubbard Track”.

This Kickstarter is about two main products.

1) “Reformation” a double remake album with around 18-20 of my most popular tracks.

At the moment, new downloads are being added for each 1.5K funded,
including Rambo Loader, a Chris Huelsbeck remake by Matt, and a Matt Gray remake by Chris Huelsbeck.
You can even upgrade your pledge to a C64 software-type box with the disks in 5.25″ sleeves!. For further information about this hopefully up and coming release head over to there to there kick starter page that packed full with great  info of support and dedication .
Back it by Tuesday at (Paypal page:

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