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Retron 5 All in one Retro System

If you fancy having a all in one system to sit back and grab some  nostalgic value  in old school video games then  RetroN 5 gaming console  may just be for ,created by Hyperkin. This console supports games from all your old favourites system packing in a incredible  10 system support , including  NES, Famicom, SNES, Super Famicom, Genesis, Mega Drive, and even Game Boy models (Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance)!. It’s time to get up in the attic and dig up your old cartridges and  relive the good old days!.





One main benefits of today’s gaming world is that controllers are  wireless and don’t have the inconvenience of the cable getting everywhere . The consoles features Bluetooth technology with its controller that has a range up to 30 feet.



It also features a microswitch directional pad, two programmable macro buttons and a home button for quick in-game access to feature like today’s controllers have.

Pop in some original controllers

For a authentic game play experience , the system has six controller ports, with two for each of the original controllers. This is great for anyone who still has a few of those somewhere floating about .

Sweet  Save State’s

One main befits of choosing the Retron is the save state feature of the RetroN 5, where you  can easily save at any point in your game and still come back to exactly where you left off with no passwords needed.The Retron  also Features a way to  copy the save data from the cartridge to a SD card . This is great as a lot on the cartridges are relaying on a battery which does die out and courses the data to be wiped. The  Save State can be a great benefit in actually getting around to completing the game that you find your self getting stuck on and scrap the old school password process to rely on.

HDMI and Plugin Galore 

With its HDMI feature you get to experience the highest quality out put with it multiple plugins you can select through to find which one will work best for you .to get you the best in image quality.

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Cheat System 



With the cheat system the gamer can have  access to a hole data base covering all ten systems of cheats and debug modes .

All Regoins



The Retron Console is free and accessible to be used through all region around the world and is compatible with NTSC , NTSC J and PAL  Formats

Last note’s

This is the forth release of the system and I think the design is brill and a awesome concept that would save a lot of space for a retro gamer like myself . Apparently there  has been some capability issues in the past that I have been previously told and also some peripherals  that aren’t supported . But as I  have not had the chance to get a hands on any released Retron’s in the past, I an unable to give out my own solid opinion. For purest gamers and people that are after the nostalgic value you cant beat the real thing . But If this console is compatible for all regions and could boot Roms from the USB or Card Slot that would defiantly be a plus . As this would give gamers the chance to play Fan translated Games IE  Tales of Phantasia that we never got play.

As for a release date  there hasn’t been a official date  confirmed or even any info of the pricing .Head over to  their Facebook page,  to get further info on the unit and the latest news on  this  beast of a release.


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