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Retroid Pocket 2 front end and Launchers

As mention in the Video here are all the link for Launcher and front end that is availble for the retroid pocket that has been recommended by right sprite.

Free Retro Gaming Event With RightSprite

What to aspect at this Event ? Hosted by the owner of RightSprite Himself. Free entry ! Multiple retro gaming consoles set up’s, with gaming classics Casual and competitive gaming Store goods that feature on the webstore to make appearance. Show case of modded consoles’ Compositions and raffles to win free tickets to see Sonic

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus+ Installation and setup

Welcome to Rightsprite Retro gaming UK Store guide to Install and set up the anticipated Retroid pocket 2 plus.Being there are two options available by go retroid with the built in all in one, or the main board upgrade for a slighter cheaper option, i went with bored upgrade option. The first video below is