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Sega Forever finally shines it light and releases to all

A few days back,  i noticed certain you tube users channels and gamers on twitter had a limited run of cassette tapes arrived to them  from SEGA themselves Titled Sega Forever, with multiple tracks from the classic collection. We will see Sega releasing a load of its classic games onto mobile platforms – iOS and Android – with new games coming every month.

the first five to be released to us: Altered Beast, Comix Zone, Kid Chameleon, Phantasy Star II, Sonic the Hedgehog. Sega has announced that these games will be free. As mentioned you can play them forever without paying. All games will feature an advertisement at the start up screen that will not interfere with the game play . You can spend a one-off fee of £1.99 to the ads, .

The games are emulated or, in the case of the Dreamcast they will be ported, and they’ll have virtual buttons that you’ll find on most mobile games . They have also announced controller support, Hopefully we may even get an official SEGA controller for us to game on . Instead on of one main app with a collection of your games in a menu interface ,each game is its own download and own app.

the main features entail a online leader boards and cloud saves . With the payment of £1.99 you also get to use  local saves to store on your device . One good feature is you can play the game offline for free and later sega are planning after launch, multiplayer, initially over wi-fi but eventually over 3G and 4G if Sega’s hopes pan out.

I can definitely see the appeal of hooking up your phone to the TV and using using a controller, and Sega’s also working on native apps for the likes of Apple TV and Android TV. I think. this is not one for the serious collectors, who will have all these games or rather having the physical version as they are meant to be played anyway. But dabblers and newcomers get to see what Sega was once about, and Sega, presumably, gets to network and access to this huge growing new audience
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