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Sega Game Gear Transformer ” The Segacon”

game_gear_transformer_1Check It out guys .This crazy Transformers creation was accomplished by a Baron Von Brunk and has giving it the name  “Gear Head , The Great Merge of retro gaming and the beloved cartoon series Transformers with itsextra  hint of children toy .The Segacon was born and also don’t forget his minions Supersonic and Knucklepunch.



When this feller is not in robot mode, this guy transforms into a the  SEGA Game Gear handheld, you will also notice  it even has two Sonic games inside (Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Blast).


This Bad boy is also equipped with rockets that are  attached to the on the shoulders both battery blasters and a shotgun cannon powered by none other less then Chaos Emeralds. He fully transforms without having to remove parts and converts back and forth easily.

Here he is looking pretty awesome in all its glory equipped  with its his  two mincons .



The fact that this is all done using Lego compiling  the nostalgic value of any 80’s child is great . We’ll be looking forward to further creations by Baron.
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