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Ok Guys as a Sega fan boy for a few years back  I came to the conclusion that a Dreamcast 2 , is just not going to happen, which sucks  ridonkulously . But I  had a epiphany the other day as their are over 200 models of steam machines that have been designed and ready to released coming this full , why not one build one based from the architecture of the beloved  well underrated console The Sega Dreamcast . After failing  roaming the internet looking this was all ready underway .

I came across Tokyo PC shop Tsukumo who completely striped out a Dreamcast console and stuffed it with all sorts of grovey type  of gear : a compact Sony NEC Blu-Ray BD-5500A drive, HDMI output, a Western Digital 160GB hard drive, and a MINIX 780G-SP128MB motherboard.The controller plugs have been turned into USB 2.0 ports and it all runs on Windows XP Professional. Apparently they actually have also done this to the Sega Saturn .dreamcast-pc-case-mod

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What’s the price for all of this I apparently hear all you R.S readers asking.  £1000, Large ones . This was made wayyyyy back in 2008 which can be accounted as the price would be lower if it were build today with the same hardware .But thanks to the guys at Tsukumo this proves that PC hardware can be fitted into a Dreamcast shell which will have no problem running a OS that can run Steam . The next stage is to equip it with the necessary hardware that actually runs on The Linux based Steam OS. With the Steam OS now in the final stages it goes with out doubt that Steam cast is a possibility (which can not be said about a Dreamcast 2 ).

I built my very first PC back in 1999 which weirdly enough was the same year as the UK release of the Dreamcast and i have built many more since then. With a passionate drive and the  necessary skills to build a steam cast machine.  I am currently looking into the  possibility of a kick starter myself.  This would  make it possible to build a currency friendly but yet powerful Steamcast and a chance for you guys to get your hands on your very own .

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