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SEGA’s Missing Console Titled “SEGA Pluto”

Sega PlutoHi SEGA fans say hello to the unreleased prototype SEGA PLUTO (Model number 2) .

Apparently this one  dam heavy console. The front features a stranded two controller ports, and on top you have a flip-top drive bay, a cart slot, a Power button, and the venerable reset button.

This console is branded with Saturn logo and that’s what it basically a Saturn Console with the added build in feature of the  Netlink .Yes that right internet build in console.
In the video below , thats has been posted up by kidvid666 shows the owner setting it  up and giving the  SEGA fans what the machine  looks like in action . He has mentioned that he will be putting the Pluto on eBay which will surely earn him some serious moola from the collectors that will be on the hunt for this mean machine.

One thought on “SEGA’s Missing Console Titled “SEGA Pluto”

  1. Oho says:

    This has been around for awhile. If what I read is true, the guy who owns this is an arsehole. I read that he got it in a local market for like $2. He then put it on ebay already. He then put a reserve on it which it did not meet (it finished at $15K so not sure how much he thought he was getting) and every serious bidder pulled out leaving him a console and no one wants to deal with him. And the lid is broken on his.
    It was big news in the Sega Saturn arena awhile ago when this popped up out of nowhere. I’d never even heard of it.

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