90’S Gaming Set up VS Xbox One Console

After getting around to trying out the new release of the Xbox one .I can safely say that i not in no rush to go out and get one myself as of yet. I have been playing gaming consoles since the early 1990’s .I can safely say that the hole setting up the actually unit theses days have vastly changed. To show you the difference in difficulty and time consummation .I have put together quick step or not so quick, step by step guide on how to set up your  8th generation console compared to a third generation console form back in the 90’s kid on there SEGA  or Nintendo.

Setting up Mega Drive Or NES in the early 90’s : Release Price( £189.99)

  1. Plug your Power unit into the wall and console
  2. Plug your video and audio cable in then in to the TV
  3. Plug in your controller
  4. Put your Game in
  5. Check out the box of the game came. Take read of the manual and look at the cool pics.
  6. Turn on the Console


Setting up XBOX ONE   2013 ( Release Price £449.99)Xbox_Consle_Sensr_controllr_F_TransBG_RGB_2013

  1. Plug in the Kennet
  2. Plug in the Ethernet ( optional )
  3. Plug in the Controller to charge
  4. Plug in your HDMI
  5. Powered on
  6. Optimize the resolution to suite your tv.
  7. Confirm language and settings .
  8. Update firmware ( 1-2 hours of download ) Depending on your connection and xbox server
  9. Set up you kinect
  10. Calibrate Speakers
  11. Calibrate Microphone
  12. Set up your Microsoft account
  13. Set up parental control
  14. Choose theme
  15. Set up user account
  16. Set up further Kennet some more
  17. Talk clearer and calmly to Kennet to find your game
  18. Get aggrieve and , Shout at Kennet,
  19. Revert back to your controller ,Learn your way around to find where you games is on the dash bored , (15 mins )
  20. Install your game ( roughly 35 – 45 mins).
  21. Find your game on the dash bored  (10 mins)
  22. Update your game !
  23. Sign into potential 3rd party account ( ubi Soft )

Personally I think if there is a ninth generation of consoles people will have to learn a degree in how to set it up,

What are people’s thoughts on this generation of  consoles, are all the extra’s actually needed to experience the value of game play , Do you enjoy giving out all your personal data. Do you like the idea of the consoles becoming download media device ?

What are your thoughts ?

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