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Shenmue HD / 3 Campaign Support info


A video  by Team Yu and Campaign Group that are urging Sega to give the Shenmue license to its creator Yu Suzuki.

Have you ever wanted to give an input and support to see  more of Yu Suzukis Shenmue  . Well the cry out for a Shenmue 3 or a HD port of the original  is bouncing all other the web and there are a collective ways through social and web sites to add your own support .

Here are some collection links where you can go to give your support potential further release of Shenmue games :

  1. Join Thunder Clap  Link here  .To tweet  #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense on every 3rd of each month
  2. Vote on FaceBook on an Official Sony PS4  post Link here .
  3. Insert Coin Ryo Shirt: Link here
  4. Fist 4 Figures Ryu Hazuki Exclusive  Link here

More Shenmue  twitters groups :

More Shenmue FaceBook groups:

Official Sega Forum Poll count  Voting page

Link here


Shemnue Dojo and Shemnue UK are both Brilliant dedicated website  Covering and collecting Data all about the Shemnue series .

Official Site     Shenmue UK        Shemnue Dojo          Team

You Tube Support Videos 

Adam Koralik has some very useful videos click here for his Youtube channel 

My suggestive videos from him are :

Why Shenmue on the PS4 makes sence  ,  Shenmue Conference at GDC 2014 (WHAT!!!!!!)  & Please Help the Shenmue Thunderclap (Atlus Discussion)

Independent Art 


Big Hair day Retro Gameing store rightspriteShenmue Dreamcaast Retro Gameing store rightsprite

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