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Star Ocean A Truly Epic Storyline & Unique Combat System


Released July 19 , 1996
Platform SNES
Publisher Tri – Ace
Creator Yoshiharu Gotanda
Writer Yoshiharu Gotanda
Composer Motoi Sakuraba


Star Ocean Jap RPG , Snes


A truly epic storyline with a unique combat system that’s made Star Ocean a beloved JRPG.


After Yoshiharu Gotanda finshed Tales Of Phantasia he shortly left Namco and started a company called Tri- Ace. With more creative freedom he assembled a team mainly made up of former Wolfs Team and Namco employees. They worked together to release the now acclaimed RPG Series called Star Ocean.
Eurpopean gamers were not lucky enough to have the opportunity to play Star Ocean until late 2008 , 12 years after the release of the PSP remake version.
Star Ocean games are known for their real-time battle engines and for being one of the first of its kind to be played on home consoles.

The developers spend a  great deal of time focused on the visuals to immerse players into the world of Star Ocean. Every area is captivating  and different  and especially true to the golden age of 16 bit gaming.

However Star Ocean really did bring out the limitations of the SNES Cartridge. The cartridge used a special graphics compression chip that allowed the developers to displayed complex sets of graphics throughout the game. Another Additional feature of Star Ocean was  that it incorporated voice acting for the game’s intro and voice clips were also included during the battle gameplay.


Battle Engine 

The battle system is great and more appealing to the eye than other RPGs released beforehand. Attacks can be carried out in real-time, one player at a time, and instead of just  actually swinging a sword, you can select an attack command. The ability to target specific enemies, as well as use items and special magical attacks assigned to the “L” and “R” shoulder buttons on the SNES controller made sure this game was well ahead of it’s time.

Star Ocean is also known for introducing a social system that allowed players to alter the outcome of the storyline as a result of the player’s actions and dialogue choices. This was conducted mainly through a social relationship system referred to as “private actions”

Star ocean Series :

Last Notes

With the captivating art and unique story line and game play Star Ocean is a great choice for RPG gamers.

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