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Streets of Rage 2 R.S Reccomends

Streets of Rage 2

Released 14 January 1993
Platform Mega Drice/td>
Publisher SEGA AM7
Writer Hirokazu
Composer Yuzo Koshiro

Game Plot :

“A year has passed since the events of Streets of Rage. To celebrate the defeat of the mysterious “Mr. X” and his syndicate the previous year, Adam Hunter, Axel Stone, and Blaze Fielding met at their favourite nightspot in the city and spent their time reminiscing about their vigilante crusade against “Mr. X” and his organization. Axel and Blaze had moved out of the city after the adventure from last year. Axel has begun working as a part-time bodyguard and Blaze teaches dance classes. Adam has since rejoined the police force and lives in a small house with his younger brother.
The next morning, Axel received a phone call from Eddie ‘Skate’ Hunter, Adam’s younger brother. Skate had arrived at home from school and was shocked to find his house in ruin and his older brother missing. Attached to the front door was a picture of Adam chained to a wall at the feet of Mr. X. The criminals began to retake the streets once more.”


Streets of Rage 2, known in Japan as Bare Knuckle II.This game is arguably superior to any other side-scrolling beat-’em-up to come from the 90’s.  Streets of Rage 2  was straight away  honored as an instant classic by the Sega fans.The design has held up perfectly and it’s just as fun today as it was back then.

If you’re a fan of thrashing punks (Ginger ones : P jk’s)o n sidewalks, wielding steel pipes, bashing arcade machines and working side-by-side with a like-minded friend , This my gamer friend is one for right up your passage . This being the second in the series  introduces two new characters Max Thunder and Eddie “Skate” Hunter brother of Adam Hunter from the original game. The game’s soundtrack is composed by the same as the first release Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima.

Game Gear & Master System Versions


The game also was released on the Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear They are quite different from the Mega Drive original, and to each other, similar to as it were the Master System/Game Gear version of Sonic the Hedgehog, they are, in truth, different games. As well different levels and the inferior graphics, Max Thunder is included in them as well the . The Game Gear version does not show enemy names.


Streets of rage 2 Beta ( Bare Knuckle II Beta roam)

The Bare Knuckle II Beta is basically a playable demo of the first round, but it’s quite interesting to S.O.R fan .It firstly contains a few things which didn’t make the final retail release version. i will provide you with just a quick run through.

sor2_bk2b_titleStraight away you firstly notice the the menu screen is different  also  it is missing the Duel option, and the in-game font is different. If you select Options you are taken to a weird screen which allows you to view all the animation in the game (which actually is not a lot as only 4 enemies on there).




The character select screen is very different. Look check out the character pictures .Once you start the game you find some even bigger differences between the characters in the two versions.Interestingly, if you play the game in 2 Player both players can select the same character, something not available in the full version without a cheat.



You’ll see some big changes when it comes to moves from the big man Axel himself . His Grand Upper blitz attack has a different animation, looking more like the same moves as Ryu’s Dragon Punch from Street Fighter.





There  is also a spin kick move  that is very much like a Hurricane Kick – obviously the developers were a big SFII fans .

In addition to this Axel’s standing jump kick move is unfinished, lacking the second part of the animation. Axel’s standing jump attack is a single knee.

Japanese release Difference jap_flag

  • The Main Title is screen completely different  due to the name change
  • Some of the background titles have different colours and names
  • The player Skate is called “Sammy” in Bare Knuckle II.
  • You can see up Blaze Skirt when she does her super kick
  • The last boss is smoking a cigar

Cultural references

  • The Stage 4 boss “Abadede” bears a strong resemblance to that of the former professional wrestler The Ultimate Warrior, who had worked for the WWF in the early 90’s.
  • The first of the three fat enemies in Stage 5 is named “Heart”, as a reference to the popular manga Fist of the North Star (original Japanese name Hokuto No Ken), which featured an extremely overweight martial artist called Heart. Additionally, level 6 features an enemy named “Souther,” another character from Fist of the North Star.
  • The character Skate resembles the eponymous playable character from the game DJ Boy, another side-scrolling beat ’em up. This arcade game, developed by Kaneko, was later published by Sega on the Mega Drive. In fact, Sega changed the in-game name of the character from “Sammy” in Bare Knuckle 2 (Japanese release) to “Skate” in Streets of Rage 2 (U.S. release); American Sammy licensed the arcade game for U.S. distribution. Skate is the character’s nickname in both incarnations; his first name in the non-Japanese versions is given as Eddie.

Sound Track music note2

yuzostudioWhen the first game’s development began in 1990, Koshiro was influenced by electronic dance music, or club music, specificallytechno and house music, and wanted to be the first to introduce those sounds to chiptune and video game music. Many tracks also have a warm,Caribbean quality.

The soundtrack shows the influence of contemporary R&B and hip hop music; Yuzo Koshiro said that he was influenced by black music, which was growing together with house and techno,The music soundtrack for Streets of Rage 2 was composed by musician Yuzo Koshiro, along with several contributions from Motohiro Kawashima.

It was composed using then outdated NEC PC-8801 hardware rather than the Sega Mega Drive’s Yamaha YM2612chip.alongside Koshiro’s own audio programming language. According to Koshiro: “For Bare Knuckle I used the PC88 and an original programming language I developed myself. The original was called MML, Music Macro Language. It’s based on NEC’s BASIC program, but I modified it heavily. It was more a BASIC-style language at first, but I modified it to be something more like Assembly. I called it ‘Music Love’. I used it for all the Bare Knuckle Games.” (http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/JPNcomputers/Japanesecomputers.htm)

According to 1UP, he was the “king” of FM synthesis chiptune music.He has produced some of the most influential role-playing video game scores, for titles such as Nihon Falcom’s Dragon Slayer and Ys series, as well as ActRaiser (1990)and Beyond Oasis (1994). According to GameAxis Unwired, his “progressive, catchy, techno-style compositions” for games such as The Revenge of Shinobi (1989), Misty Blue (1990).

The soundtrack was influenced by electronic dance music, specifically house, techno, hardcore techno, and breakbeat.The soundtrack for Streets of Rage 2 is considered “revolutionary” and ahead of its time, for its “blend of swaggering house synths,” “dirty” electro-funk and “trancey electronic textures that would feel as comfortable in anightclub as a video game.” (http://www.gamesradar.com/game-music-of-the-day-streets-of-rage-2/)

Streets of Rage Squeals unreleased remakes & betas

Street_of_Rage_3_(Front_EUR-PAL)Released by Sega in 1994 for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.The game had featured several enhancements over Streets of Rage and Streets of Rage 2 such as a more complex plot, multiple endings, longer levels, increased difficulty, more in-depth scenarios(with interactive levels and the return of traps like pits) and faster gameplay (with dash and dodge moves).

Weapons could now only be used for a few times before breaking and could now be integrated with unique moves with certain characters, hidden characters were added and a few cutscenes were included to give the story greater depth.

Fighting Force

FightingForce  FightingForce_1gr

The game was originally devised by Core Design as Streets of Rage 4 to be published by Sega exclusively for the Saturn. Sega pulled the Streets of Rage name during development after a disagreement with Core about porting it to rival formats.

A Sega Saturn version was still developed and eventually completed after the Streets of Rage 4 pull-out, but it was never released because of some publishing issues with Eidos apparently and with Sega Europe .An early prototype, with older character designs, was leaked in November 2008.

A sequel, titled Fighting Force 2, was released in 1999 for the PlayStation and Dreamcast. Unlike the first title, Fighting Force 2 focuses on the character of Hawk Manson exclusively, and rewards a more stealthy approach.

A second sequel, Fighting Force 3 was also in development for the Xbox and PlayStation 2, but was cancelled during development, though a video tech demo of it exists on the internet.

Streets of rage 4 official !

streetofrage4proto01  streetofrage4proto04  streetofrage4proto10

Early in the Sega Dreamcast production , a demo pop’ed up titled Streets of Rage 4 that was  made by Sega of Japan to bring the Streets of Rage series to the platform. The demo showed a character similar to Axel fighting off a group of enemy characters. Various changes in gameplay had apparently been planned, including the introduction of new team attacks and a new first person perspective. However, allegedly due to new management at Sega of America being unaware of the series and its past success, Sega did not follow up on it and the game never advanced past the demo stage.

Streets of rage remake 


Streets of Rage Remake (also known as Bare Knuckle Remake) is a brilliant SOR fangame, released by Bombergames in 2011 for Windows platform. It is basically designed as a remake to  the original Mega Drive trilogy,

The game is programmed from scratch which was developed specifically for 2D games development. It’s all based on visual interpretation, and also sports a whole host of special features and upgrades which bring the SOR gameplay experience into the 21st century, without compromising the classic ‘feel’ of the originals. The game has 18 playable characters, including a fully recreated Adam in SOR2/3 style, new characters ‘Rudra’ and ‘Elle’ (Electra) and a host of awesome new music remixes! Mr. X and the Syndicate are back (again!), more powerful than ever! It’s time to once again walk the Streets of Rage!

Get V5 download here for Windows /Mac /linux/xbox/GP2X http://soronline.net/sorr_downloads.htm

soronline (1)

Streets of rage 4 HD

Streets of Rage 4 HD is a very ambitious SOR fangame which began development in early 2010,Streets of Rage 4 HD in development made using the popular OpenBoR engine. Produced by Zhang Qiang and Allan.Cylakes, the game showcases some impressive and unique hand-painted sprites, backgrounds and cutscene artworks, courtesy of the talented Huang Wentao and Xia Ji. The development team have gone to ground in an attempt to completely re-imagine the visual style of SOR in High Definition, and the result, as you can see from the screenshots here ,

As you can see there i a lot  potential here, and it promises to be something very special indeed if the gameplay can match the quality of the visuals. A release was planned for PC and PSP, though it is unclear if and when this will finally happen. Things seem to have gone quiet on the development front for this fan game. In the meantime though, you can check out this playable demo, at least. Be sure and post up your thoughts on this nostalgic title and what your favorite levels or characters were. (http://boothammer.com/wordpress/retro-recap-streets-of-rage/)


Unreleased reboot for Xbox360/PS3

Not much much is known about this game, apart that is was a download-only title. The project was halted because of Grin’s financial difficulties that eventually bankrupted the company. In the gallery below we can see some concept arts and screens from an early build.

Another reboot of Streets of Rage was also in development by Ruffian Games (the team behind Crackdown 2), but there are not many more info about this unseen project, apart from a beta / tech demo video preserved below thanks to Huff Allium!



   1280×1024                                                           1600×1200               

streets-of-rage-fan-art   1369897625209

by Wandder.Deviatart.com


Real Bits - Streets of Rage Brawl     maxresdefault

1920×1280                                                                1920×1080
By VictorSauron
Check out Soronline.net  a dedicated website full of S.O.R  goodness 

Sound track playing – Bare Knuckle Blitz by WilRock

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