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Super Boss Gaiden A New SNES-CD Game

Not to long ago the retro gaming community was hit with some big news of a prototype Nintendo PlayStation being unearthed and hooked up and found to be still  running and complete with its own bios  .On the 10th of July a team who brought usthe homebrew game Jet Piolet racing released a free to download , Super Boss Gaiden arriving on both a downloadable Super Nintendo ROM and a SNES-CD Image file.

The first of these two can be played on the original hardware (via a flash cartridge) whilst those interested in the long lost prototype console can emulate the CD Image through the SNES emulator All for free .

The plot behind Super Boss Gaiden focuses on the (unnamed) Sony CEO’s horror after discovering that the SNES-CD prototype has fallen into the hands of public, along with the BIOS too. Which kinda reminds me a bit like the official game SEGAGA back for the Dreamcast . (Still waiting on a English Translate ) . Basically  the CEO goes into overdrive  and courses up roar and  destroys everything in sight.

Down Load your copy here

Here is the grovey sounding chip tunes that can be found on the game.

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