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The Wireless Dreamcast Controller

Yes! its official  guys the beloved SEGA Dreamcast gets a wireless controller That has been Titled : The Dram Conn . This is now at its 2.0 stage of development and as you can see in this tidy video, Reviewed by Tomleecee from Dreamcast Junkyard ( luv that website btw ) .This Something personally  I know and a lot of you DC fans that this piece of equipment will do the console and gamers a great piece of satisfaction.

This latest iteration is done by a Chris Daioglou’s . I personnly dont know must about the technical specs or much about the guy behind this . The only thing i can tell you that it is powered by Bluetooth, The battery life is unknown but that fact it comes with two built in VMU is pretty smart. Its is currently up for sale on ebay for £100 + £10 shipping .

Personally that is pretty steep for me but in regards of the labouring and equipment needed it is justifiable
Here is the link:

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