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Top 10 Shmups ( R.S Recommends )

Shump ( Short for Shoot em ups ) a very popular genre of gameplay  for fans of the fun fast challenging arcade feel. . All these tittles are a top Righsprite Recommendation for all you Shmups fans out there. This top 10 list is my own opinion and is not apart of any official list. If you your self have any recommendation please comment below ill be sure to check them out my self . Enjoy gamers .

10: GunBird 2 : Dreamcast, PS2

Gunbird 2 PAL DC-front

gun bird 2

9 : SOUKYU GURENTAI: Jap PlayStation 1997



8 :  M.U.S.H.A : Mega Drive 1990

M.U.S.H.A , Shmups , Shooter , Space , Mega drive , SEGA








7: Grandius V : Pal PlayStation 2 2004 (480p enabled)

250px-Gradius_V_cover      514606-gradius5ps2_001_large

6: Radirgy : Jap Dreamcast 2006



5 : Iron Clad : US/NTSC Neo Geo CD 1996

Hosted at Universal Videogame List www.uvlist.net



4: Mars Matrix : Dreamcast / SNK AES /MVS 2000

mars matrix




3: UnderDefeat : Dreamcast Ps3/X360 2006




2: Border Down : Dreamcast


1: Winner !  IKaruga : Dreamcast / Game Cube / Xbox 360




Video Sourced from Randomised Gaming

It was a very tight decision between border down and Ikaruga . The only thing to side with this game was the cooperative gameplay and its found memories with me and buddies really knuckling down for this game to not beat us. I recommend the easy mode as the only mode to play it on , as this is one tuf cookie of game , but is so well worth the challenge for its creative and unique innovative gameplay.

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