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7 Creations that you can do to your Busted Nintendo hardware

Ever needed to know what you can do with your busted Nintendo hardware . Don’t Throw it in the bin. With a bit of handy DIY skills it can still go to good use .Thanks to these guys here my top 7 creations list of what you can do to your Nintendo Hardware.


Sness Tabllet charger docking

Tablet charging docking bay . Original sours from twitter user nulltask



Snes Headphones original source posted up by lyberty5



Snes Headphones and N64 controller Ipod docking bay . Original Sourse  user komugi1994さん




Game boy Cartridge Usb Dongle  Original Source  user komugi1994さん



Snes Cartridge USB HUB Created by Matt Burns , Original source




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