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What’s Shenmue ? DC Gets a English translation

WWhats_Shenmue_DC_Ahats Shenmue – English translation
What’s Shenmue is a special premier disc in Japan given to those who pre-ordered

additionally another edition of the disc was given away in Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine. .Main lot:Ryo Hazuki is looking for Mr. Yukawa. He asks people around Dobuita such as Tom and Nozomi.

He also encounters Enoki and has a QTE battle with him. He eventually finds Yukawa and chases him.  There are a few additions and differences the main release.That you will find and finally thanks to these guys below  that were mentioned in the readme file . We can finally have our chance at this demo.If  you like this translation then head across  to one of the sites in the credits and sure your support.

Hacking/Programming : YZB, Indiket, PacoChan, IlDucci
Translation : Brett “Switch” Chandler, Rakim
Proofreading : Merlin Fontana
Graphic Editors : BlueMue, IlDucci
ShenTrad Toolset : Manic, Ayla, SiZious, ShenDream
Extras Design : Gin, BlueMue, IlDucci

FamilyGuy & HyKan for the CDDA tracks format.
kRYPT, fackue, James Reiner, Master Kyodai, xhizors92 & Gin for all their
knowledge. Fénix, Ryo Suzuki, Rock_Lee-Vk for their support.
Yu Suzuki, SEGA of America, SEGA Europe,, DCEmulation,,,, CUE, SkyBladeCloud,
Neoblast, Chui, Blai, Raizing, DC-SWAT, Wesker, saturn_worship, TunneT,
Ziming, TuxTheWise, Steve “Klarth” Monaco, RedComet, José Gutiérrez & Rubén
Vera, Stuart Peacock, Alberto Lloret… And all those I am missing.

Patch applied to my GDI image then converted to CDI.
Burned to disc using Imgburn – boots and plays fine (though I haven’t completed a full playthrough yet)

For the translation to work properly in game – use these settings.
Kids Mode to ‘Adult’
Dialog & Text to ‘Game Mode’

Download link

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