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Hi im Jay Morgan,  A guy that has a passion to give back to the gamers.

Starting pop ups stalls here and there at retro gaming events for the local community,

Now using my very own collective gear, Right Sprite retro gaming store was born.

A dedicated Retro gaming Web Store , hosting events, and YouTube channel.

With detailed review set up guides and top reccimendation.

You tube Channel ( further info below)

What is Jay currently playing  ?


What is Right Sprite ?

The R.S HQ is Based South Wales UK, all stock is hand picked & Tested by me for you, the gamers of the world. I did have a Physical store placed in Cardiff Capitol City of Wales. There was great support from the Local Gaming community that I am very grateful for. Due to some circumstances i later moved away and placed over 800 Products here at rightsprite.co.uk.

I will adding products every week  so keep checking in or message me via facebook .All Products that are listed have been cleaned up restored , rated and uploaded here .Only on Rightsprite.co.uk. If you your self are based locally in the South Wales Area.  Here we will also perchance any related goods working or none working . Please see the contact info to get in touch.

Retro Gaming

R.S is  all about the gaming community. Our online shop is set up by a  gamer, for the gamers . That means you will get the best prices, the best choice, and the best recommendations. We cater for Sega fans, Nintendo devotees,  Atari aficionados and Microsoft enthusiasts…yes, we really do love you all.

Retro Gaming Goods we Sell

From rare collectables to quirky accessories, we stock both iconic and obscure retro gaming goodies. Our video games section is full of your favourites (think Super Mario, Sonic, Pacman and Street Fighter), as well as some forgotten gems. If it’s consoles you’re looking for, our stock reads like a history of the gaming phenomenon,

from NES and Master System through to the N64, Gamecube, Dreamcast  and  beyond. Our Gameabilia includes handmade sprites, magazines, posters and a whole host of other geeky collectables. We even do event hire!

The quality of the goods we have in Stock

All of the items that are listed on our webstore has been  reconditioned and tested before going on sale. We always try to use original components and peripherals to allow the purest of gaming experiences. You can expect our consoles to be in very good condition for their age.

Each item has been rated in the Quality that they are in. All items are tested working and will play straight out of the box. For more info please check the Terms & Conditions .

International Post  

We accept international orders for all of the products that you see featured on the web site. But this does differ when it comes to the consoles and heavy goods. All the consoles are available within UK and Europe areas with the exception of the OG Xbox is only available in the UK.


RightSprite Retro Youtube channel

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Thank you !

I appreciate spending your time on visiting R.S.co.uk. If you enjoy my content, Support my work by simply following me on social media and links provided below . This will help me keep my passion project and for funding for retro gaming events near you you tube connect web sites fess and potential growth to bring you better and recommended Retro gaming goods. A small donation will me much appreciated.

Terms and Conditions

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