OTG 3 USB port PS classic / Mega drive mini USB HUB

  • Compatible with DJI Spark/ Mavic Remote Controller,
  • Most OTG Micro USB connector phones and tablets
  • Expands into 3 USB Ports for Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3(with camera connector)
  • and W (with Bluetooth and Wifi), Orange Pi, ODROID, Banana Pi
  • OTG port provides a simple way to connect phone
  • USB capable computer for data synchronization and file transfers,
  • Transfer Rate: USB2.0, 480/12Mbps, 1.5Mbps.
  • Compatible with PlayStation Classic , Mega Drive mini  and Snes Classic , Amazon Fire stick
  • Unlock and expand USB ports to your mini classic consoles
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How to install and use the OTG


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