Magical Taruruuto kun English Translation

  • – High quality cartridge board.
  • – High quality case
  • – Transparent Pink.
  • – High quality print.
  • – Cartridge is universal.
  • – Only used once to test it working.
  • – Compatible with regoins
  • – PAL 50 HZ NTSC U, NTSC J. 60HZ


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Features & Compatibility

English translation. Title Screen and all dialogs. Alpha version.

Alpha-mt: Multilingual edition Contains Japanese version (original game), English version and French version. Language can be selected from the OPTIONS menu. Also, the map select cheat code is enabled by default. If you select NO MAP (default), the game will proceed normally. Checksum is disabled, so the game should be region-free.

  • Last   Modified 01 November 2023
  • Released by tryphon Language English
  • Status Fully Playable
  • Platform Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive
  • Genre Action  Platformer
  • Published By Game Freak
  • Game Date 1992

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