Shadow Gangs

  • – Successful kick starter hitting over ¬£27,000
  • – Now available for people who missed the Kickstarter
  • – Top quality side scrolling punching simulator,
  • – Region Free
  • – VGA Support 480p
  • – 60fps
  • – High quality factory pressed physical media
  • –¬† Watch Right Sprite Review below


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Features & Compatibility


  • The Dreamcast version will have 7% more vertical resolution compared to new generation versions.
  • The Dreamcast version will also benefit from fixes that were made the game post release to the new generation platforms. (no more being hit through the environment, no falling from ships in the bridge level, extra continues and many more fixes and enhancements).
  • The game will be even more accessible to everyone, and completable by most in the easy and normal difficultly. This is thanks to the feedback I got through the prior releases. It will be achieved by adding more continues and removing Dan getting hit through environment among other enhancements.
  • The hard mode (also called Crimson Ninja mode), is staying as is, and is for elite players of which there is to my knowledge only 4 people that finished it in this mode worldwide.
  • Controller rumble is also unique to the Dreamcast version.

( info taken for there Kickstarter page )


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