SNES & N64 HDMI Solution (Pre Order)


  • – Affordable
  • – Very good quality
  • – No expensive converter Box Needed
  • – No up scalier needed
  • – 720p boost
  • – Simple plug and play
  • – Compatible with consoles
  • –  Super Nintendo (all regions)
  • – N64 (all regions)
  • –  & Game cube (Not pal region)
  • The is for Pre Order 

  • – Stock arriving mid March

  • Please see the Video Below


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Features & Compatibility

This Level hike HDMI adapter is compatible with the Super Nintendo and the Nintendo 64 console from all regions.

This not compatible with the pal region GameCube console. But this is compatible with NTSC
Camecube ).

Watch the video on the review and installation, Snes HDMI setup up guide.

Watch the video on the review and installation, Nintendo 64 HDMI setup up guide.


This is the most affordable HDMI solution for your Super Nintendo with good results as you will see in the video.
Any question regarding your perchance please don’t hesitate to ask i will respond as quickly as possible.
Together we can provide quality cables affordably here in the UK and Europe .

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