Thermal Paste Akasa Performance Compound 455 Kit

  • Recommend for OG XBOX Thermal paste replace.
  • – [ Complete Solution ] – All-in-one chipset preparation kit complete with 5g AK-455 thermal compound, a spreader and 5 individually packaged TIM cleaning wipes.
  • – [ Effective TIM Cleaning ] – Wipes come moistened with a safe citrus-based solvent, TIM Clean fluid, to effectively remove all thermal interfaces, leaving no residue.
  • – [ High Performance ] – Thermally advanced AK-455 thermal compound maximises heat transfer from CPU to heatsink for superb cooler performance. Suitable for high wattage CPUs.
  • – [ TFT Recommended / Perfect for PC Builds ] – We have received the award from Tech For Techs for our TIM Wipe Kit! Ideal for every PC enthusiast for cleaning CPUs, GPUs and chipset surfaces, or heatsink bases.
  • – [ Easy to Use ] – Large size of TIM Wipe allows for cleaning of both the CPU and heatsink with one wipe. Included a spreader makes applying thermal compound easy.
  • – Watch the video Below


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