Digital HDMI Adapter Line Doubler For Nintendo Gamecube


  • Video and audio in full digital HDMI format
  • Zero image output latency.
  • Works with HDMI televisions and monitors.
  • Hassle free! Plug and Play.
  • No power adapter, no messy cords
  • Just one single HDMI Cable.
  • Supports all Gamecube display modes
  • (240p, 288p, 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p).
  • Provides advanced signal processing
  • Great precision, colours and resolution.
  • The ability to line double (upscale) lower resolution games.
  • Add and remove scan lines for a more authentic aesthetic.
  • Remote control for easy option changes.
  • High quility built
  • 480p video output for compatible games
  • Firmware updates available via swiss
  • Watch the guide video below ­čô╝


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Features & Compatibility

Product introduction

The majority of modern televisions have connectivity via HDMI and lack some of the older inputs such as component, SCART and composite which retro consoles usually use. With the Gamecube to HDMI-compatible upscaling adapter, you can give your old Gamecube a new lease of life and make it look better than ever running through your modern HD/4k TV. The Gamecube to HDMI upscaling adapter is also plug and play so its simple and quick to use.

This adaper is not compatible with the  DOL-101 model. Which is a model that came late into production that removed the digital out put

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