What makes Xenocider special?

->  Game mechanics: easy to play, difficult to master.

->  Completely customizable controls.

-> Supports arcade stick, VMU, vibration pack, & Twin Stick!

-> Built from scratch using Dreamer engine .

-> Stable 60 fps!

-> 480p and VGA support.

-> 7 worlds with alternate routes… and much more.

-> Upgradable skills.

-> Unlockable game modes and achievements!

->  A rocking soundtrack by producer and keyboardist Juanjo Martín.

-> Exclusivity deal with VGNYsoft ( Cannot be sold to the USA )


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Features & Compatibility

Missed out on the Dreamcast’s most ambitious indie  ??,

Well your in luck Xenocider is coming back April 2022.

Straight to Rightsprite Web store
This time with the audio disc built in the game. New case, disc and manual art.

Unfortunately this version cannot be sold to customers in the USA

due to the exclusivity deal with VGNYsoft

Xenocider shows labour of love from Retro Sumus. Now it is finally brought here to the UK
An epic arcade experience that doesn’t just makes Retro sumus proud but also
pays homage to the classics we grew up with.

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