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Brand New Beat’ Em Up to HIT! SEGA’s Mega Drive

WaterMelon the Company that brought you Pier Solar are making a new upcoming release title for the SEGA Mega Drive Title “Project Y” a new beat’em up game that fans of the console have been waiting to see for more then 20 years.

Project Y is the result of investors to get on bored with water melon deciding the overall elements of the game IR The world, the types of moves each character would have, and the overall art design. Anyone can become an investor – Through WaterMelon’s website. The game takes place in the future, “a post apocalyptic world, set in a high tech Asian metropolis.” The released character sketches are influenced from a blend of manga and cyber punk. It is a game that will feature Role Playing Game elements, making it more of a Role Playing Beat’Em Up.Project Y draws near to completion, a game we have seen almost nothing of (besides concepts) has managed to stir up controversy.

As you can tell the game resembles a lot like Street Of Rage and some people may even argue that the game is just a modified version of the game using edited version of the Sprite.



Either way this looks like a cracking  game .with the recipe of Cyber Punk ,Beat em up & mega drive sprites it sure sound like a great game i cant wait to get my hands on



Game Concept

Project Y takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, set in an Asian high-tech metropolis. The last survivors of the nuclear war are divided into several classes, where the most powerful have the others by the balls. This has divided the governing bodies into several fractions, where ethnic mafias and a corrupt corporation are just a few of them! As you can see, this story is filled with many possible scenarios. It will demand lots of exploring and several playthroughs to get everything out of it.

40 megabits cartridge

Project Y is joining the small club of High Density Cartridges (also known as the "big, black cartridges"). This will be at least the second biggest Mega Drive/Genesis game ever, after WaterMelon’s own Pier Solar! With this much storage at our disposal, we can make the ultimate 16-bit beat ’em all!

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