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Rampaging the digital world since 1986


Rampage the Game was released  is a 1986  straight to arcade  by Bally Midway . The Players take control of gigantic Godzilla style monsters trying to survive against onslaughts of military forces. Each round is simply completed when the players chosen city is completely reduced to rubble and shrubbery.I was lucky enough to play this game as a kid on the commodore 64 . I found it brilliant  how the hole point to the game was destroying and eating people.Simple ,Enjoyable and Fun !.


Over 10 years later Rampage World Tour  the second in the series was released to multiple home consoles in 1997. If the player takes too much damage, they reverts into a naked human and starts walking off the screen sideways covering there bit with their hands.It was always fun in multiplayer mode to try and capture the naked player as a monster and eat them up for bonus points, Nom Nom.


Rampage Universal tour .The direct sequel to Rampage: World Tour. Which feature levels that are built according to their real-world appearances. For example, London, UK, features the Tower of London, and Big Ben, both of which can be destroyed. In Washington, D.C, the White House, Empire State Building, and Also the World Trade Center, can be destroyed as well , obviously they got away which that as its was pre 9/11 . A new feature for the monsters is  that they also get destroy cites outer space and on alien planets. There is nowhere for these guys to destroy .


Rampage Through Time . Yes that’s right they you can destroy time itself . This is the fourth game in the Rampage series that was released again  straight  to the home consoles in  2000. Campaign Mode is a bit different with this release .Only one playable character can play but the CPU will randomly select two other monsters to oppose you in that time zone level. After each city is destroyed, all three monsters are awarded stars for inflicting the most damage on buildings, people, and each other.


5Rampage: Total Destruction is the latest  instalment of the Rampage arcade game and the last by Midway Games. Released in 2006  . This version you can have up to four players depending if you own  the  GameCube or Wii Version. New to this entry is that players can also throw vehicles to cause more damage and have the ability to climb on the front of a building to destroy it. Also you can unlock upto 21 characters and special abilities.

Rampage original Arcade Game play 1986

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